Address Books

Address Book: For Contacts, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Emails & Birthdays (Elite Address Book)

**Holds over 200+ addresses!! Great value.
Designed for people who want to keep track of all their address is one place.Perfect address book for women. It’s always good to have a written record of everything, rather than keeping all of your records on the computer. Stay organized and keep track of addresses of family, friends, and acquaintances with this 6×9 address book. Record names, addresses, cell and home numbers, email addresses, birthdays and other notes.
Keeping track of your busy family and friends is a snap with this pretty yet practical address book!
Personal address book packs a punch with space for over 200 contacts!
Record names, addresses, home and mobile numbers, birthdays, notes, and email addresses. The address book is a perfect gift for Mothers day, Birthday present or Fun Gift.
110 pages.
Measures 6 inches wide by 9 inches high
Makes a nice gift, too!
Cover design complements any desk.
Bonus Passwords Page
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Sketchbook: Large Sketchpad for Adults, Teens or Kids to Draw or Write in, 8×10, Artist Drawing Paper, Blank Notebook (Elite Sketchbook)

Elite sketch pads make a perfect gift regardless of age and occasion. With its wide and smooth pages, it will keep all your child’s masterpieces in one place. Drawing allows your child to be creative and to not be afraid to express themselves. Encourage your child to let their creativity flow with this blank sketchbook.
Extra Large-Made with Standard White Paper. Best for Crayons, Colored Pencils, Watercolor Paints or Very Light Fine Tip Markers. Includes 100 blank pages with a section at the top for your child to write the title.
Large 8 x 10 Drawing Sketchbook Durable soft paperback glossy Cover. GREAT for in the car!!!


Prayer Journals

Prayer Journal Notebook With Prompts (Elite Prayer Journal) 

This 7×10 Prayer Journal and Notebook is full of 100 pages of lines to keep and record your prayers. Keep a prayer journal notebook and write your prayer requests, keep track of answered prayers and begin to see that God hears and there is real power and a guide to your path in life.

Included is prompted fill in the blank lines:
*Today’s Powerful Prayer
*Bible Verses
*Quote of the Day
*Spiritual Targets
*Todays Blessings
*Grateful for
*Send Love to

Enjoy your journey towards a closer relationship with God by establishing a healthy prayer routine. Use a prayer journal or diary notebook today.

Beautiful Day Daily Planner3d

Daily Success Planners

The Best Planner to achieve Your Goals. A Day Planner that will help you hit your targets. See your Successes with this Schedule Planner. This daily planner with our special schedule maker goal achieving system will help make you more productive than ever. The Elite Planner: Achieve Your Daily Goals, Targets and Successes Get More Focused, More Productive and Achieve More Goals Achieve Your Big Giant Goals. Write your goals down not just once a day, but we have a place to write them when you wake up and before you go sleep.

Do what millionaires and billionaires do, but double it.

Get Fit : 3x3x3: Simple workout plan to make sure your body and mind push you toward success.

Hit Your Targets: Set your top targets and commit to hit them daily.

See Your Success:

Celebrate your success daily.

Give yourself a pat on the back daily. Attack Your Day with Massive Accomplishment:

Schedule your day for success, with sections for Leads & Money, Projects, Appointments, Emails and Phone Calls.


Happy Journals

Happiness Journals

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Gratitude Journal


Be a Pineapple

Our #1 Selling Journal is Be a Pineapple

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Be a Pineapple