This Elf adventure Journal and Sketchbook can be used along with the Elf on the Shelf® doll to create and save memories each Christmas.  Record and log your Elf on the Shelf® adventures.

Attach pictures with each adventure next to the story of what your Elf did each day. Included is room to draw your own pictures or attach stickers. Your children will have so much fun writing down where your Elf was when you all woke up.  What was your Elf doing on the shelf while your children were at school?  With daily questions, your child can log and write your Christmas Elf Diary.

The Elf Adventure Journal and Sketchbook promotes Writing, Reading and Creative drawing.  Your child will write and create your Elf’s Diary. A Christmas Elf drawing & coloring book record or log. They will love looking back at it years from now and relive the memories your family made with your Elf on the Shelf® doll.

Great for Teachers! Use it in your classroom. The students can join in everyday to write the story of what your Christmas Elf has been up to.

Create a Fun-filled tradition, with an Elf Adventure Journal & yearly book, for a lifetime of memories. A perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list! A tradition the whole family can enjoy.

  • A great stocking stuffer
  • Party favor
  • Teachers gifts
  • Last minute gifts for any family with young children
  • 25 days to match the advent calendar
  • Blank pages in the back for more drawing

Fill pages telling The daily adventures of your Elf

  1. Where was your Elf when you woke up?
  2. What activities did your Elf do while you were sleeping?
  3. What activities did your elf do while you are out or at school?
  4. What did your Elf see you do Today?

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