20 Christmas Journal Prompts for Adults & Youth

Do you take the time to write down the different things that make Christmas unique and memorable for your family? If not, don’t let another year go by without capturing those memories. It’s not too late to start a special Christmas Memories Journal that you can add to every year. You will be amazed at how fun Read More

How I Survived 2020, I Got This: Lined Journal with prompts, 7×10 Diary to help you get through a pandemic

This 7×10 Fill in the blank Journal with prompts has 135 lined pages. This Daily Journal and Notebook is a beautiful book to write your daily notes, diary entries, keep your memories and thoughts for your Happy, Smiling Day. Use the prompts to help you get through the 2020 pandemic. Click look inside the book to see Read More

She Believed She Could, So She Did – Feminist Journal Prompts

Take a moment and think — who is the most influential woman you know?  How does she inspire you? Write your response down on a piece of paper or in your journal. Ask yourself what traits of this woman do you see in yourself or would like to see. This is a great exercise for Read More

Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Day!

When you think of the people who helped shape your childhood, it’s likely at least one of them was a teacher. With how much time is spent at school during both childhood, teen years, and later adulthood, it’s no wonder that we are influenced by these amazing people! But when was the last time you Read More

Recipe Journal: I Eat Cake Because it’s Somebody’s Birthday Somewhere

The holidays are here and we all know that means delicious foods and famous family recipes. What greater gift for the season than a recipe journal to document all your favorite recipes – new and old! Don’t forget to create some traditions of your own this year – perhaps even by trying a new recipe Read More

Heart Skull Emoji Journal Notebook

It’s almost here! Get ready for Halloween with this spooky but sweet journal. Whether you’re looking for a diary, notebook, or even a place to sketch ideas, we have you covered. This Journal & Notebook is full of pages- blank lined paper. This 5.5 x 8.5 paperback journal notebook is the perfect daily journal to Read More